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The environmental protection of blister packaging materials

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The environmental protection of blister packaging materials

With the penetration of environmental protection concept, polypropylene film has gradually become a hot new material in the field of international medical packaging. Modified polypropylene leaf has good air leakage, transparency, isolation, high strength and good processing performance, is non-toxic, harmless, the product replaces the hard PVC, widely used in medicine, food and other fields. Tablet packaging has a good recovery function, is conducive to environmental protection. The product has good anti-moisture, anti-oxygen, anti-light and barrier properties, avoid gas, light and other ways of damage components, adapt to any climate region, especially suitable for decomposition and chemical changes of high quality, new drugs and antibodies.

Pharmaceutical packaging in Europe and the United States, whether production, packaging equipment or PTP packaging materials, have formed a series of automation and functions. Inhibits PTP aluminum foil packaging in China pharmaceutical packaging is basically a type of aluminum foil, touch type aluminum foil, also didn't do anti-counterfeiting aluminium product diversification, special safety of aluminum in only one or two aspects of a breakthrough, need to quickly adjust trade producers and aluminum foil, aluminum foil packing trend of future trade aluminum foil, aluminum foil as the direction of the multi-function, diversity and protect the production environment. The problems in the development of blister packaging materials in China are the limitation of equipment, the weakness of technology and the non-standard of market. Equipment is to do a good job of the product hardware conditions, without advanced equipment and supporting equipment, do a good job of product technology is not done; Technology is necessary to produce a good product. Without mature innovation technology, no good equipment can produce good products. Without a standardized market, good products and new products will not be promoted and applied because of many factors, such as people and price.

In conclusion, new modern pharmaceutical packaging technologies not only need to isolate pharmaceuticals from environmental factors, but also need to actively protect them from quality, safety and extended life. In recent years, blister packaging has become more and more popular in pharmaceutical enterprises, and the number of applications is also increasing. It is estimated to account for about a third of the world's pharmaceutical packaging market and will continue to grow. The quality of blister packaging and printing material is related to the quality of medicine. As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical blister packaging materials, the choice of high quality materials is a prerequisite for the production of satisfactory products.


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