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The factors of adhesive punch appear in the tablet press

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The factors of adhesive punch appear in the tablet press

Particle moisture content is too high: LOD of materials can be detected before formal tablet pressing, which is particularly important for products that are easy to absorb moisture. Whether the mixed particles are directly pressed or the mixed particles after granulation, there is a risk of water absorption again in the intermediate storage process.

Insufficient amount of lubricant or unmixed: the influence of lubricant amount and mixing time on the product can be investigated in the prescription exploration stage, such as 3min, 5min, 7min, etc.;

Indoor humidity is high, with hygroscopic materials especially need to pay attention to indoor humidity, can increase the dehumidification equipment, keep indoor humidity to a reasonable number, if not fall down, also can add a certain amount on tablet press turntable desiccant, or will be in front of the tablet press machine idle for a period of time (note: don't use hair dryer blowing mold equipment and so on)

Too much fine powder in the material: PSD can be detected before the tablet is pressed for evaluation. Too much fine powder will increase the specific surface area of the material in contact with the punch. Therefore, if the PSD test results show that the particle size of the material is small, the particle size can be appropriately increased during granulation. For materials that cannot increase particle size, the amount of lubricant can be increased appropriately (excessive amount of Mg-ST affects the dissolution, but not sodium stearate fumarate).

There is water or other liquid in the punch or in the die: this situation is less likely to occur, but I have encountered the oil flow to the punch in the tablet press and stick to the punch, when I forgot to install the washers.


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