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The fault of blister packing machine and its solution

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The fault of blister packing machine and its solution

PVC material enters blanking card machine

Reason: The external tangent of the feed roller is inconsistent with the center line of blanking guide plate, the frequency of the feed roller and blanking is inconsistent, and the material is blocked on one side after deviating into blanking.

Solution: Adjust the blanking position, adjust the blanking frequency, and adjust the aluminum foil and PVC materials to be consistent.

After blanking, the bubble cap plate is out of alignment

Reason: left and right side out of line blanking and feeding roller work center position is not consistent, up and down out of line, feeding roller and blanking Angle is not consistent.

Solution: Adjust the position of feed roller.

Plate margin is not flush after punching

Reason: groove wheel gap is large, the cutting edge is not uniform wear.

Solution: Adjust the brake position and replace blanking.


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