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The feeder of bubble cover packing machine

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The feeder of bubble cover packing machine

Filling the molded plastic grooves can be filled with a variety of forms of feeder, and can be filled into a row of grooves at the same time. Through strict mechanical control, the gap of the single grain feeding in the plastic groove, but also a certain speed of uniform spread type feeding, at the same time to a number of rows of grooves in the feed. Only a single drug can fall into the grooves or holes of the rotating baffle limited by scraping plate or fixed baffle between the hopper and the rotating plate. The rotating speed of the rotating partition should match the movement speed of the foam plastic film, that is, to ensure that each row of grooves on the film falls into a single drug. If there are several rows of concave bubbles on the plastic film, sufficient length or number of rotating partitions should be set accordingly. For the horizontal axial partition on the left side, sometimes no soft leather board, but for the width of the plastic film must be set up on both sides of the cofferdam and baffle, in order to prevent drugs falling outside the film.

Spring hose is stainless steel filament winding dense hose, often used for hard capsule aluminum bubble cover packaging, the inner diameter of the tube is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the capsule, can ensure that the tube only storage single row of capsules. Attention should be paid to ensure that the hose does not bend, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the cavity in the tube. Usually, with the help of the vibration of the whole machine, the hose shakes itself, so that the cavity can be stored in the lower exit. There are many forms of spring mechanism, can use ratchet, intermittent toggle spring opening and closing, and ensure that each lift once, only release a capsule, can also use the gap reciprocating motion opening and closing spring, release a capsule at a time. In the mechanism setting, there is usually a row of hoses with an intermittent mechanism to ensure linkage.


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