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The feeding operation of the capsule filling machine

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The feeding operation of the capsule filling machine

Start the main motor, press the start switch of the main motor, the indicator light is on, and the main motor runs. When the vacuum pump motor does not start or the machine opens the movable door, the main motor cannot start and can only be inching operation.

The engine is mainly suitable for movement when the switch is pressed on the main motor, the index finger is closely connected, that is to say, the main engine rules, the main motor is connected to the movement, the main motor stops rotating, the second time is pushed out before the main motor must be in continuous operation.

The speed is regulated by a frequency converter. After the main motor starts, press down the frequency converter to run from low speed to high speed. The frequency converter displays the corresponding frequency or the number of particles filled in the capsule per minute.

Manual feed control, press manual feed switch, indicator light is on, feed motor runs, feed once.

Automatic control of feed, by the capacitive sensor automatic control of the amount of material in the hopper. Adjust the height and position of the infector according to the instruction. The electric dosing machine will operate automatically and control the powder in the hopper. After the powder is used up, the main motor will stop automatically.

When the emergency stop button can be pressed to stop immediately, the machine will immediately stop and self-lock. The automatic lock of the emergency stop switch is activated only after the fault has stopped.

Each of the four doors of the machine has an open and close door control switch, so that the machine cannot be started when one of the doors is open, and cannot be started when the door is not closed, and can only be operated by inching.

When you need to adjust the load, press the stop button on the main computer. Before stopping, adjust the height of the preset filler bar and adjust the host's start key appropriately.


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