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The filling method of the capsule

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The filling method of the capsule

Add appropriate auxiliary materials such as diluents, flow AIDS and disintegrating agents to make drugs into even powder, particles and tablets. Fill ordinary powder, pill and tablet separately or after mixing. If necessary, add an appropriate amount of empty pills as filling agent.

If it is a small dose of medicine filling, can be diluted with an appropriate amount of diluent, and then evenly mixed after filling, capsule should be clean and beautiful, no bond, deformation, rupture or odor. The dissolution, release, content uniformity of the capsule should meet the requirements, pay attention to the contents of the capsule coated to check the residue.

Capsule should be sealed preservation, temperature and humidity appropriate, in order to prevent mold, moisture, metamorphosis, the finished product should be quality testing, qualified after the selection of sealed clean container packaging, generally with aluminum blister packaging for the majority.

Usually small dosage capsule preparation, can be filled with manual, mass production of capsules, at present, the use of automatic capsule filling machine. Capsule preparation of filling can be divided into manual capsule racking machine, semi-automatic capsule filling and automatic filling, manual capsule filling machine in the production of artificial separate capsule shells, and the row, and then manually fill, joint capsule, etc., need to consume a large amount of manpower, capsule filling quantity and precision is not accurate, capsule shells, loss is big, can't ensure the quality of the finished product, also does not conform to the specifications, so now the general capsule filling is used by professional capsule filling machine, can overcome the disadvantage of manual capsule filling.


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