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The filling of the capsule filler

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The filling of the capsule filler

Automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into semi-automatic capsule filling machine and automatic capsule filling machine. According to different filling methods, it can be divided into stroke method, intubation quantitative method, filling quantitative method and so on.

Machine fillers The different modes of fillers are selected for different drug distributions and can be determined according to the hygroscopicity, fluidity (powder or granular solid or liquid) of the material to ensure that the production operation and the differential distribution of body weight meet the requirements of the national pharmacopoeic code.

Powder and particle filling

The stroke method is based on the drug and volume density and dose relationship, through the filling machine speed adjustment, let the screw to adjust and control the difference in production and weight, is the filling method of this semi-automatic filling machine.

Quantitative filling method is also called quantitative filling method. This means that a filling rod is used to compacting the powder successively into the measuring cup and finally into the conversion cup to achieve the required filling volume. The powder goes directly from the conical storage tank to the dosing tank through the stirring tank. There are several groups of holes in the dosing tank to form the dosing cup. This filler can meet the requirements of modern powder technology.

Intubation is intermittently distributed in a theoretically hollow inserted tube measuring tube, the tube's powder is measured, rotated 180°, and dropped to insert the drug into the hole of the capsule. Because mechanical action is intermittent, known as intermittent intubation quantitative.

Quantitative continuous intubation method also adopts measuring tube for measurement, but during the rotation process, intubation, measurement and filling are carried out continuously by the machine itself. Pharmacological powder to be filled is supplied from a circular powder storage tank, usually equipped with a lateral conveyer with a screw conveyor. A renal intercalator is evenly distributed and maintains a certain level of powder in the dose pool to allow continuous production to be repeated. Each pair of tubes continuously completes the placement, discharge, and lifting of powder in the tank, and then pushes the powder mass from the tube into the bag.


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