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The filling of the tablet press

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The filling of the tablet press

Most of the ordinary type tablet presses adopt the grid type feeder that is the natural feeding, the die hole rotates around the axis, and fills the die hole by the free fall of the particles. After the rotating speed of the turntable increases, this feeding method is not effective, especially for the material with low density and poor fluidity, it cannot fill the mold hole. The sub-high speed plate-pressing machine innovatively applies the high speed type forced feeding structure, whose deceleration motor drives the reverse rotation of the impeller of the forced feeder, and forcibly fills the material into the middle die hole of the turntable, thus solving the problem of insufficient filling after the turntable speed increases.

The forced feeding structure has the following advantages over the natural feeding system

Different impeller structures can be adopted according to different materials to ensure that the materials are evenly filled into the middle mold hole;

The impeller's speed of forced feeding can be stepless regulated to ensure that the turntable can be filled with fully uniform materials at high speed, so as to ensure uniform and consistent filling materials in the filling system.

The filling process of materials under sealed conditions can ensure the cleanliness of materials to a large extent.

For the material with poor fluidity, it can be filled compulsorily;


Compared with natural feeding, it can avoid dust and save material.

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