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The foreground market of blister packing machine

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The foreground market of blister packing machine

According to the latest information released by the foreign marketing Organization on the European pharmaceutical packaging market, the focus of manufacturers on active pharmaceutical packaging is likely to change significantly over the next few years, particularly with a shift to blister packaging and carton packaging. Therefore, in the next five years, packaging materials, production equipment and other aspects in China's pharmaceutical industry still need to further accelerate the development of pharmaceutical blister packaging to further strengthen the quality and service quality of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging.

Adequate and effective protection of medicines. Like any form of packaging to protect a drug, ensuring the effectiveness of the drug remains the basic requirement of blister packaging.

Safe and convenient to use. Develop safe packaging and packaging suitable for children to facilitate the elderly.

Unique security packaging. The safety of diversified blister packaging materials achieved by new technology not only reflects the personality of drug packaging, but also protects enterprises and brand products.

Green packaging. Biodegradable, not polluting the atmosphere.

Wrap and serialize. With the introduction of the OTC pharmaceutical industry, there is a growing focus on serialized packaging, blisters, aluminum foil, and screen size changing elements to achieve a range of packaging that will also showcase their best medicines in the future.


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