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The function of aluminum bubble cover packing machine

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The function of aluminum bubble cover packing machine

The aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine requires medicinal PVC to be heated and softened by the heating plate before entering the molding mold, and the positive pressure molding is carried out by compressed air; Aluminum and aluminum need medical cold forming composite aluminum and its cold punch anastomosing stamping can be formed, through the universal feeder filling capsules or tablets. The aluminum foil coil is uncoiled and transported by the micro-motor. It enters the heat sealing die and the plastic sheet/cold forming composite aluminum containing the medicine for the pattern heat sealing. After the heat sealing, it goes through the indentation for the tangent indentation, hits the batch number, and then enters the blanking die for blanking.

One machine multi-purpose function, aluminum aluminum, aluminum plastic can do products, only need to change the mold to use;

Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, blanking frequency 6-35 times /min;

The stroke is adjustable, the adjustment range is large, the adjustment is convenient, the synchronization is accurate;

Photoelectric eye automatic version;

Adopt imported optical fiber reflector to detect grain deficiency, identify waste plate and put forward function automatically;

Adopt plate mold, press forming, with batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum foil/cold forming composite aluminum/plastic automatic conveying, fragment, finish, automatic stop alarm and other functions;

Equipped with a set of universal feeder, the filling rate can reach more than 99.5%, the feeder is equipped with a dust suction interface, to eliminate the dust problem formed in the process of feeding;

The heat loss of the heater is reduced to a minimum, and the required temperature of the heater is greatly reduced.

The machine is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, simple in operation and convenient in maintenance.


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