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The function of blister packing machine

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The function of blister packing machine

The whole machine can be packed in separate parts to enter the 2.2m elevator and the segmented purification workshop. It is fixed by screws when it is combined and easy to assemble.

The mould and guide rail are designed independently. Only the integral guide rail is needed to change the mould. The mould pressing plate is clamps, so it is very convenient to load and unload. The design of the suspended operation platform, the operator in the use of the process of safety and maintenance of the convenience of cleaning the machine,

The modular design of the station structure realizes the digital display control during the adjustment of each station, which ADAPTS to the diversified demands of the indentation forms and ensures the clarity of the indentation and batch number.

Equip with photoelectric compensation device, can carry out the printed aluminum foil picture and text matching.

The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: the blanking times can be set according to the length of the stroke and the feeding difficulty of the filling material.

Manipulator clamping feed mechanism using rubber pressure roller rolling friction traction, independent control by the servo motor, smooth operation, synchronous and accurate, stroke length can be designed according to the requirements of the user section, and can be directly adjusted through the P LC control panel.

The forming heating plate automatically closes and opens, which can delay starting after the heating plate is put down, limiting the plastic waste to one plate. Adopt contact heating to plate, reduce heating power and temperature, save energy and enhance the stability of plastic sheet.

Air cushion heat seal: when the machine stops, the cylinder will automatically raise the mesh plate. It eliminates the deformation of bubble cap caused by thermal radiation when it stays, and is easy to clean up the mesh plate. At the same time, it plays the role of over-pressure buffer and prolongs the service life of the machine.

Upper and lower reticulated male and female with heat sealing: that is, both sides are dot reticulated, because the stress is equal, so that the plate is more flat, improve the sealing performance.

With double feeder: improved profile sheet and filling rate due to high speed operation (suitable for aluminum/plastic packaging).

PVC finished, broken automatic alarm, stop, at the same time equipped with emergency stop safety device, improve the safety of operators in debugging and die change.

All parts in contact with the drug, including the secondary hopper, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, in accordance with GMP requirements.


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