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The function of bubble cap machine

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The function of bubble cap machine

1.a machine with multi-function, aluminum aluminum, aluminum plastic can do products, only need to replace the mold with;

2. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, blanking frequency 10-40 times /min;

3. Adjustable stroke, adjustable range, convenient adjustment and accurate synchronization;

4. the use of photoelectric eye automatic version;

5. the use of imported optical fiber reflective reflection detection of grain, identify the waste plate automatic proposed function;

6. Adopts plate mold, positive pressure forming, with batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum foil/cold forming composite aluminum/plastic automatic conveying, breaking, finishing, automatic stop alarm and other functions;

7. Equipped with a set of universal feeder, the filling rate can reach more than 99.5%, the feeder is equipped with dust suction interface, in order to eliminate the dust problem formed in the process of feeding;

8. Adopts the plate anastomosis heating, reduces the heat energy loss of the heater to the least, and the required temperature of the heater is greatly reduced;

9. The machine is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, simple in operation and convenient in maintenance.


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