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The function of chiller in blister packing

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The function of chiller in blister packing

The cooler is a kind of water cooling device that provides constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of the ice water machine is that a certain amount of water is injected and the water is cooled through the cooling system mechanism of refrigeration. Then a water pump injects the cold water into the cooling equipment in the machine. The high-temperature water inside the machine is recirculated to cool down the bubble hood machine.

Industrial coolers are commonly used in fully encapsulated closed loop systems, including hot and cold water units, condensers and circulators, expansion valves, no flow shutoff valves, internal cold water storage tanks, and temperature control stations. The bladder helps to keep the cold water warm and prevents the temperature from rising. Industrial closed-loop coolers circulate at constant temperature and atmospheric pressure to improve the stability and repeatability of water-cooling equipment and instruments by adjusting fittings or cleaning water. Used for cooling water flow using Angle and back application.

If the temperature difference between the two is large, a large external tank will be used to store the cold water. In this case, the cooling water is not applied directly from the tank, but as a temperature storage behavior goes deep into the outside of the tank. The cold water tank is much larger than the one inside. Cold water from the external tank and hot water from the application can be traced back to the external tank, not the unit.

Less common is the control of continuously circulating liquid temperatures in industrial coolers in ring-cut grooves or tanks. The liquid comes out of the container and is pumped back into the container. A room temperature sense that regulates the temperature of the refrigerator and circulates to keep the temperature of the water tank constant.

One of the new developments in industrial coolers is the substitution of air cooling for cooling water. In this case, the condenser is cooled not by a hot air refrigerant but by a cooling tower. The smaller surface water area of the condenser and fan greatly reduces energy requirements. In addition, supporters can significantly reduce noise levels.

Most industries use water chiller to cool the medium, but some simple techniques, such as air or water, include cooling coil flow to regulate the temperature. Water is the most widely used coolant in the freezing process, although coolant mixtures (mainly in combination with coolant additives to increase the loss of hot water) are often used.


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