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The function of each system of the tablet press

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The function of each system of the tablet press

Tablet pressing system, double pressure forming, narrow spacing, large pressing wheel, frame structure design, so that it has the capacity of bearing deformation, long compression time, stable operation, and to ensure the tablet weight accuracy when pressing large tablets.

The control system, its operating system and interface are controlled by PLC and POD respectively, and advanced control principle and reliable imported devices are selected to ensure the accurate realization of various program control and interlock protection functions, which can carry out various operations in production and operation, and effectively detect and control the tablet weight deviation automatically.

The high precision and easy to disassemble forced feeder uses two agitators to force the material into each mold hole, which can effectively improve the particle fluidity and filling performance, thus ensuring the chip weight precision.

Hydraulic system, the machine adopts the imported hydraulic pump station system and the accumulator can constitute the static pressure holding system, to achieve the pre-pressure wheel and the main pressure wheel elastic support and overload protection, to ensure the platen process of stability and low noise.

The central lubrication system adopts intermittent micro-flow quantitative automatic pressure lubrication system, equipped with high-precision central lubrication pump and micro-distribution valve, which not only ensures the full lubrication of punch and guide rail, but also solves the problem of oil-dumping contaminated tablets.


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