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The function of stretch film vacuum packing machine

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The function of stretch film vacuum packing machine

The vacuum machine can be vacuum, inflatable, fit packaging in one;

Using the original German Beck vacuum pump, Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan made touch man-machine interface, configuration part of the quality is very good;

Mainly applicable to all kinds of meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, medicine, hardware and various articles of vacuum packaging;

Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum machine with high cost performance. The environmental protection of vacuum packaging not only has high working efficiency, but also saves time and effort. It can help enterprises to develop better.

Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is also known as automatic vacuum packing machine. The principle of this automatic vacuum packing machine is to use the forming mold, the film is heated first, and then the forming mold is rushed into the shape of the container, and then the packaging into the formed membrane cavity, and then vacuum packaging. Automatic vacuum packaging machine is mainly composed of the vacuum system, gas seal system, hot sealing system and electric control system, etc, this kind of vacuum packing machine compared with continuous vacuum packaging machine, in addition to yield more, don't need a bag is the most main products, directly put into the vacuum packaging machine mould, automatic bag forming.


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