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The heating plate of blister packing machine is prone to problems

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The heating plate of blister packing machine is prone to problems

The PVC after molding is bent, this situation is often in the sealing station pressure bubble, the reason for this problem is that the heating plate and the molding mold are not parallel, heating is not uniform, resulting in large heating deformation and the formation of bending, this situation needs to be based on the molding mold to re-level the upper and lower heating plate can be;

The forming of PVC bubble holes in the inner and outer sides of the mold is always not full. This phenomenon may be caused by gaps in the heating plate and unstable temperature of the heating plate. Therefore, there is no gap in the heating period during the operation of the heating plate.

The air bubbles in the middle of the mold are not full, because the PVC is flexible after heating, and the PVC that is not held up in the operation process is naturally sagging under the influence of gravity. The middle PVC may stick to the cooling mold, leading to the rapid cooling and hardening of the PVC after heating, resulting in poor molding. Therefore, the heating plate should be 2 ~ 3mm higher than the blowing die, and the forming servo pad should also be 3 ~ 4mm higher than the blowing die. Otherwise, in the process of forming, the bubble forming in the middle of the die may not be full.

If the PVC forming bubble is irregular, it needs to increase the temperature of 3 ~ 5 degrees. At the same time, because the ambient temperature has changed, the summer forming temperature can be 5 degrees lower, and the winter forming temperature is 5 degrees higher; If the molding is irregular and bad, consider whether the heating plate is damaged, whether the surface Teflon map layer falls off, and whether the temperature of the heating plate is normal. Carefully check and then do the corresponding treatment.

If the forming PVC bubble cover is always swinging from side to side, the reason is that the heating plate temperature is high, reduce 3-5 degrees can solve the problem. Because the temperature is too high, PVC deformation exceeds a certain plastic critical point, forming irregular stretching, so there will be left and right swing.


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