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The importance of thermal bonding strength to blister packaging

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The importance of thermal bonding strength to blister packaging

Blister packaging, also known as blister packaging or PTP packaging, is made by placing tablets or capsules in a blister or blister eye of a hard piece, and then hot-bonding the hard piece with aluminum foil. As the surrounding area of each bubble eye is the thermal bonding area formed by hard pieces and aluminum foil, each bubble eye is independent of each other, and the damage of one bubble eye will not affect the sealing integrity of other bubble eyes. Therefore, each pill or capsule in the bubble wrap package has little influence on each other, less interference, and the chance of contamination is reduced. In addition, blister packaging also has the characteristics of high barrier, good sealing, good hygiene performance, etc., has become an inseparable part of the pharmaceutical packaging field, and gradually extended to the food, health product packaging field.

If it is not hard to see from the above analysis, to ensure that the blister packaging air-tightness and mutual independence of each bubble eyes should ensure that a thermal parts with good thermal bonding strength, otherwise when the eyes of the one blister drugs were removed, the rest of the bubble eyes are easy to leak, broken holes, leading to drug be affected with damp be affected with damp, metamorphism, appear even scattered drug phenomenon. Therefore, thermal bonding strength is an important factor affecting the quality of blister packaging.


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