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The innovative development of tablet press

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The innovative development of tablet press

The tablet pressing industry, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce tablets, also needs innovation and development. Plate-pressing machine is a kind of automatic continuous production equipment, which is used for pressing the objects with small diameter, circular plate and profile shape with characters, symbols and graphics. Tablet press is an important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, which affects most of the quality and the qualified rate of economic indicators. In order to meet the needs of tablet production, the development of tablet press on the market is gradually mature.

Rotary tablet press production process, due to loading equipment and material itself, the dust is easy to fall into the tray, at the same time, the central disk under some punch and fit clearance is too large, also can make dust fall into the tray, so we must use special suction device to remove dust, also make the powder is lower than the plate, then remove equipment dedicated vacuum powder, operating problems, especially the GMP granulation standard is on the rise over the past few years, has brought the pressure for rotating machinery industry.

In the early days of the tablet press, the single stamping machine was mainly driven up and down by rotating the wheel, and the powder filler was filled into the die hole and pressed to make tablets. The main disadvantages are high impact noise and small output, which is only suitable for small batch production and laboratory experiment production.

As the scale of tablet production in China is gradually expanding, the tablet press with single injection cannot meet the mass production demand of pharmaceutical enterprises. In this case, multi-punch rotary plate-pressing machine is widely used because of its high production efficiency.


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