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The lobes of a tablet press

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The lobes of a tablet press

When the tablet is shaken or placed, there is a gap in the lower back of the tablet, called a lumbago; The crack that opens from the top is called the apical crack, and the lumbar and apical cracks are commonly referred to as lobes.

The drug itself is stretchy and fibrous, and it contains more oily ingredients. Adding powdered sugar reduces fiber elasticity, strengthens the bond or increases the absorbency of the oil, and mixes well before pressing.

In the process of suppression, binder or wetting agent dosage is insufficient or insufficient, poor particle adhesion.

The particles are very dry and contain a lot of crystalline water, which can cause cracks in the tablets.

Some crystalline drugs are not sufficiently crushed. These drugs can be completely crushed into particles.

Too much fine powder, too much grease, dust in part of the air can not be compressed will cause cracks, when the pressure is lifted, the air inside the tablet causes cracks, can be screened to remove part of the fine powder and appropriately reduce the amount of lubricating oil to overcome.

It is said that the pressure of the press is too high, elastic, large blade; Machine high speed or die does not meet the requirements, stamping, punching average corrosion resulting in printing core parts more than the upper and lower parts of the mold, will cause top cracks. The pressure can be adjusted with the speed, the pressure rack can be increased, and the shift can be checked in time.

In addition, the tablet cavity with low ambient temperature and humidity is prone to crack, especially the drug with low viscosity is prone to crack.


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