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The main application of blister packaging

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The main application of blister packaging

Blister packing machine is suitable for mechanical packing of solid preparations. It has very obvious advantages, such as drug stability and reliability, easy to achieve small batch and batch packaging, advanced technology, safety and health, easy to transport and use, long storage time, good adaptability, beautiful appearance, but also with identification, anti-counterfeiting and other characteristics.

Blister packaging currently accounts for approximately 30% of the world pharmaceutical packaging market and continues to grow strongly. In the future, ba-cap packaging will become the main form of packaging tablets, capsules, pills, bulk, powder, particles and other drugs. Packaging should be solid preparations as the main object, packaging should contain preparations and isolation from the outside world, while preventing the active ingredients volatilization, leakage and leakage. Volatile pharmaceutical ingredients are dissolved in the packaging materials and diffused to the other side of the packaging materials under osmotic pressure. For example, if a solid preparation contains aromatic volatile active ingredients, its active ingredients are highly volatile and permeate into certain materials. On the other hand, avoid entering the drug through air, water, foreign matter and microorganisms. Air contains oxygen, water, a large number of microorganisms and foreign matter particles, when the drug into the package, may cause oxidation, hydrolysis, degradation, pollution and fermentation.

PVC used in the aluminum and the aluminum foil packing polyvinylidene chloride synthesis process of direct contact or PVC pharmaceutical, material testing, so you need to pay special attention to, test items include appearance, performance, strength, impact resistance strength, thermal shrinkage, mechanical properties and health indicators, such as, respectively, have corresponding test method and standard or enterprise standard, passed the key test items blister packaging.


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