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The main function of stretch film vacuum packing machine

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The main function of stretch film vacuum packing machine

1, Packaging machine can do single-side stretch molding, double-side stretch molding, double-side cursor positioning stretch molding, hard film stretch molding, close stretch packaging, improve production efficiency, improve product packaging appearance grade, reduce packaging cost and labor cost, save energy cost.

2, Double-sided molding, can achieve double-sided photoelectric eye positioning, cutting corners, with easy to tear, play hanging hole and other functions.

3, according to different customer product packaging needs, customized special mold production, at the same time one machine can produce a variety of products.

4, On the basis of vacuum packaging, the equipment can realize the functions of adjustable gas packaging (filling mixed gas and nitrogen), etc.

5, equipment with solid and liquid mixed packaging.

6, the equipment can achieve date printing or inkjet coding.


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