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The main uses of tablet press

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The main uses of tablet press

This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical factory, biological engineering, food factory, health product factory, chemical factory, pesticide factory, veterinary drug factory and so on. The machine has wide adaptability to materials, and has good adaptability to non-viscous powder.

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine tablet, western medicine tablet, nutrient tablet

Food industry: confectionery tablets, coffee tablets, throat lozenges, chocolate beans, seasoning cubes

Health products industry: oral tablets, milk tablets, calcium tablets, propolis tablets

Electronic battery industry: electronic components, button batteries

Chemical industry; Mothballs, aromatic balls, chemical fertilizer tablets, mosquito-repellent incense tablets, catalysts, disinfection tablets, powder

Metallurgical ceramics industry: catalyst, metallurgical powder granules, ceramic granules, metal sheet


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