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The making of empty capsules

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The making of empty capsules

Gelatin is the main raw material for the preparation of capsule materials. There are also two types of gelatin, AB, acidic gelatin and basic gelatin. Gelatin comes from different sources and has different hardness, so it makes sense to use it together. In addition to gelatin, appropriate excipients should be prepared to ensure the quality of the capsules.

The production process of empty capsule can be divided into six processes: sol, billet making, drying, extraction, cutting and finishing, most of which are completed by automatic production line. According to the national standard, the production of hollow capsule is divided into three degrees, namely, the first-class mechanism empty capsule, the first-class (empty capsule used for filling machine) and the qualified quality (empty capsule filled only by hand). The physical and chemical properties and bacteriological examination standards of the capsules were also specified.

The preparation technology of empty capsule is as follows: empty capsule is generally composed of capsule and capsule cap, sol, gel (billet making), drying, shell taking, cutting and finishing. It is usually done by an automated production line. The automatic cleaning production level is ten thousand, the temperature is suitable for human living temperature and the relative humidity is normal. The empty shell of the capsule can also be printed with food ink for easy identification.

Size and quality of capsules: There are clear specifications for the quality of empty capsules. The medical education network collects empty capsules and empty capsules. There are 8 kinds of specifications, but the size is usually 0 ~ 5, and the number grows from small to large.


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