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The market competitiveness of bubble cap machine

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The market competitiveness of bubble cap machine

Plate type aluminum plastic bubble cap packing machine is developed on the basis of roller type bubble cap packing machine, the overall structure can be divided into box structure and frame structure, are using plate type forming mold, plate type sealing mold, horizontal clamping step. In addition to the function of roller type blister packing machine, the flat type blister packing machine can also pack various kinds of ampoules, bottles of medicine and other bottles, as well as large size and sensitive medical instruments, etc. It has a very wide range of applications. From the drug category, can be used for tablets, capsules, pills and injections, etc.; From the shape of medicine, it can be used for round, square, triangle, oval, ellipsoid and various special-shaped tablets, Chinese pills, etc. When choose blister packaging machine, such as strict in flatness of plate, the arrangement of drugs on the plate have special requirements, all kinds of blister geometry have special requirements, need to avoid light packing and so on, first choose the plate type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, in order to extend the drug storage period, improve the grade of packaging, the use value and the market competition ability of the products.

Aluminum blister packing machine has various structure forms, but their composition and basic working process are the same. Through the introduction of the structure and equipment classification of the aluminum-plastic blister packing machine, and the analysis of the working flow, characteristics and selection of three types of aluminum-plastic blister packing machine, it provides some reference for deepening the understanding of the application of the blister packing and its packaging equipment.


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