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The material of the die of the tablet press

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The material of the die of the tablet press

Moulds are made of a wide range of materials, usually carbon tool steel, bearing steel, cold-working die steel (such as high-speed steel, anti-wear steel, impact steel), hard alloy and ceramic materials. Some adopt imported die steel. More domestic use of bearing steel as die material. In short, no matter what kind of material is used, the mold should have abrasion resistance, impact resistance two characteristics.

The cost, barnyard price, lifespan, and mechanical properties of the molds vary depending on the materials used. The material used is different from that of the type and specification of the die. The prices vary considerably. Users in the purchase of molds as far as possible to choose and buy a scale, strength, more regular manufacturers of products. Special requirements can be their own use of the mold manufacturers to explain, by the manufacturer to assist the selection. Additional, of material choose the price that has a direct concern with mould, do not blindly pursue low mould, also do not think one - sided always the price is high is good. Users should consider the high and low operating cost, cost performance and reliability of the mold. Suitable to use is the correct selection, this sentence is correct.

The heat treatment quality of the mold determines the inner quality of the mold, which is reflected in the wear resistance, mechanical toughness and service life of the mold. The hardness of heat treatment of commonly used die steel is stipulated in the standard. Generally speaking, the quality index of heat treatment is not easy for users to control and measure when they choose and buy the die. Instead, mold manufacturers are required to strengthen internal quality control in the production process. To provide users with a low - cost mold.


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