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The mechanism of rotary tablet press

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The mechanism of rotary tablet press

Rotary tablet press is a machine which is made up of several pairs of punch dies distributed on the turntable and moving up and down in a circle according to a certain track, and presses granular materials into tablets through the press wheel. And punch with the linear velocity of the turntable rotate more than 60 m/min called high-speed rotary tablet press machine, the high-speed rotary tableting machine has forced feeding machine, the machine is controlled by PLC, automatically adjust the pressure, control weight, eliminate waste pills, print data, display downtime, and other functions, in addition to can control weight difference in a certain range, quality problems such as lack of Angle, loose lobes can automatically identify and eliminate.

The shape of the tablet pressed by the tablet press was initially oblate and then developed into shallow and deep circular arcs on the upper and lower sides, which was for the need of coating. With the development of special-shaped tablet press, ellipse, triangle, rectangle, square, diamond, ring and other tablets were produced. In addition, with the continuous development of the preparation, due to the requirements of compound preparation, timed release preparation, and made into double layer, three layer, core and other special tablets, all of which need to be completed on a special tablet press.

Along with the development of the market demand, the applicable scope of the tablet press is also more and more widely, not just confined to suppress, western medicine tablet, can widely suppress more health food, veterinary medicine tablet, chemical tablets, such as camphor ball mothballs, washing, fine arts, the Smurfs blocks of powdery cake, pesticide tablets, food tablets: chicken pieces, radix isatidis, divine comedy tea blocks, biscuit, etc.


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