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The movement of the capsule filling machine

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The movement of the capsule filling machine

Intermittent Capsule Filling Machine In the process of filling, the movement of the capsule is dependent on the dividing box for intermittent and discontinuous rotation. The filling quantity of the capsule is mainly determined by the volume of the metering plate hole.

Hollow capsules in the capsule, hopper, automatic capsule filling machine main board up and down, the capsule on its own gravity into capsule guide groove, again by fork vertical plug so that it is capsule cap up, the capsule body downwards into the upper and lower in the module, and under the action of vacuum suction capsule, capsule cap separation, after the module into the powder filling station.

The sensor in the filling ring of the capsule filling machine controls the spiral feeding rod above it, adding the powder to make the height of the powder in the filling ring constant. At the same time, the metering plate of the hard capsule filling machine rotates intermittently, the five groups of compacting rods tamper the powder in the metering plate hole in turn, and at the filling station, the drug column is pushed into the capsule body. Then successively enter the capsule waste, capsule lock, finished capsule discharge, module cleaners, and then enter a new round of station cycle, cycle and repeat.


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