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The operation content of blister packing machine

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The operation content of blister packing machine

1. The machine is fully enclosed, and the parts that contact with the drug are made of high quality stainless steel plate, which is smooth, smooth and without edges and corners. The equipment itself does not pollute the production environment, and does not pollute the drugs, and conforms to the GMP standard.

2.PVC molding is plate-type positive pressure molding, which is composed of forming die and blowing die. The forming mold moves downward, and then moves downward 0.5 ~ 1mm after contacting the blowing mold. The air pressure is 0.35 ~ 0.5Mpa. When the forming mold moves upward 0.5mm, the blowing stops, and the forming is completed.

3. The clamping step adopts the swivel arm type double clamping mechanism, two pairs of fixed clamping does not move, a pair of reciprocating movement clamping PVC is sent into. Adjust the length of the swing rod and connecting rod, so that the stepping distance can meet the requirements of the plate size, that is, the length of PVC molding each time.

4. Heat sealing is to fill the formed blister into the solid drug, covered with a layer of aluminum foil, under a certain temperature and pressure, the process of integration. It is composed of a driving roller and a hot pressing roller with a net pattern. During operation, the PVC forming bubble cap is put into the circumferential hole of the driving roller, and the hot pressing roller seals the PTP aluminum foil together with its rotation (the temperature of the hot pressing roller is 1900C ~ 2200C and the pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.45MPa).

5. Typing press breaking line mechanism, using heating mode to complete typing and press breaking line at a time, the typing is clear, good tearing.

6. Punch shear: the sealed PVC bubble cover is driven by the stepping roller to step into the required plate according to the working cycle. Conveyors carry the plates out for boxed packaging.


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