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The operation of a tablet press

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The operation of a tablet press

Add the particles to the hopper. First, manually rotate the disc to fill the mold hole with particles.

Before the tablet, roughly adjust the steering wheel and the filling hand swing, make the thickness and weight of the tablet close to the predetermined value, then press the power button, and then start the start button.

Filling adjustment: the principle from low to high shall be followed until the standard weight of the component.

Pressure adjustment: according to the principle of first loosening and then tightening, gradually increase the pressure, adjust the pressure, in order to better meet the quality requirements of varieties.

Determine the average pressure, standard deviation, upper and lower limits of a single value according to the average pressure and upper and lower deviation; The standard deviation is usually set between 5 and 10, the upper and lower limits of the unit value between 5 and 10, plus/minus the average pressure value.

According to the nature of the material, press the lifting button to the normal production speed. The manual/automatic switch is in the automatic position. The productivity of this machine must be about half of its capacity. The operating cycle of the machine is generally 300 hours. After running for 300 hours, the production capacity can be adjusted to the normal speed.

When the material is about to be pressed out, the machine must be processed at a slower speed. If the weight of the pressing block cannot be controlled, the machine must stop during the pressing process.

Place the "Manual/Automatic" button in the "Manual" position.

Open the outlet, press the "forced blanking" button to release the remaining material, then close the forced blanking, and then turn off the main power of the machine to clean or clean the machine as required.


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