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The operation process of blister packaging machine

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The operation process of blister packaging machine

The PVC sheet on the drum passes through the guide roller, and the PVC sheet is evenly unrolled by the rotation of the roller forming mold. The semi-arc heater heats the forming mold to the softening degree. The bubble hole of the forming mold rotates to the appropriate position and the vacuum system of the machine is understood, and the SOFTENED PVC sheet is formed instantly. The molded PVC sheet passes through the hopper or the feeding machine, and the tablet is filled into the bubble shell. Active roller in the continuous rotation of a thermal device only similar to the molding groove on the surface, drag the active roller as have some pills to PVC foam nest to move forward, the surface with a checkered hot pressing on the active roller, roller pressure using the temperature and pressure will cover material (aluminum foil) and PVC sealing, sealing PVC blister sheet after the use of a series of guide roller, Intermittent movement through the typing device in the set position of the batch number, through the blanking device blanking out finished plate, by the conveyor to the next process, complete the bubble cover packaging operation.

Summary process: PVC sheet unwinding at uniform speed →PVC sheet heating softening → vacuum blowing → pill into bubble shell → wire contact and aluminum foil hot sealing → typing and marking number → punching and cutting into blocks


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