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The operation skill of the tablet press

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The operation skill of the tablet press

1. Before use, all containers, oil holes and friction surfaces of the press should be filled with lubricating oil. When running without load, oil film should be applied to all friction surfaces to extend the service life of the machine.

2. Before starting the electric compressor, several tablets must be manually tested before and after each shift to ensure the service life of the mold.

3. Storage die: After cleaning, apply a layer of food grade lubricant, put it into a special protective box or die storage box, and put it on the shelf.

4. Filter the material before pressing to prevent the material from producing flake, flake and flake weight difference during pressing.

5. Select the mold type: The correct selection of the mold type is the first step to successful stamping. For example, chewable tablets must be very hard and easy to chew; Because thin film coating is required, a slightly concave shape can be chosen. Due to the absence of adhesives and lubricants in the raw materials, traditional Chinese medicine tablets need a lot of pressure to press the tablets. The type of tablets should be concave on the surface. Tablets with high sugar content are designed as plain or shallow tablets. Alloy steel or hard alloy can be used in medium die. Intaglio and deep intaglio printing die is easy to damage, use as little as possible.

6. When removing the mold, press the mold with pliers (a small wooden pressure pliers can be used to avoid damaging the clamping column), shake the handle with one hand and hold the pliers with the other to successfully remove the upper die.

7. During the installation of the upper punch mold, it can be directly contacted with the intermediate mold for operation. At this point, you can put a piece of wood on the table and shake the handle.

8. After daily use, it is necessary to remove residual dust and wipe all parts of the machine. If there is a long down time, remove the mold and remove each friction surface of the machine. Clean working surface, apply anti-rust oil and dust-proof clothing; Molds should be cleaned and stored in oil.


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