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The packaging significance of blister packing machine

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The packaging significance of blister packing machine

Pharmaceutical blister packing machine is a packaging machine used to pack oral solid tablets. The heating, molding and many other operations of plastic sheets are often completed in the same medical blister packing machine. In order to enable people to better understand this kind of mechanical equipment, the advantages of this kind of system equipment are summarized as follows:

1. Blister packing has good barrier property. The good barrier of such equipment is mainly determined by the packaging of the raw materials themselves. By comparing with bottled drugs, it can be seen that the drug can effectively reduce the required pollution after blister packaging and is convenient for patients to carry the drug. At the same time, after blister packaging, tablets also have obvious advantages in phase gas barrier, moisture permeability and many other aspects.

2. Another advantage of such packaging is the safety of drug packaging. The blister packaging of a drug is done in one go, and the packaging of the pill is not finished until the packaging process is complete. A variety of safety tests will be carried out before drug packaging through blister packaging, which fundamentally guarantees the safety and hygiene of the packaging and reduces the misloading phenomenon of drugs to a very low level.


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