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The packing characteristics of blister packing machine

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The packing characteristics of blister packing machine

Blister packaging equipment, mainly used for medical packaging. Nowadays, blister packaging is not only used for interior decoration, capsule, medicine and so on, but also for the sale of food, cosmetics, liquids, daily necessities, toys, gifts, power tools and so on.

When packing articles with aluminum-aluminum-plastic materials, it has the following design characteristics:

1. The protection zone can also extend the waterproof, wet and rusting protection zone. At the same time, conditions are created for rust prevention, and these conditions are conducive to the use of gas resistance to rust.

2.Transparency and Intuition Through transparent Windows, you can clearly see shapes and sizes. Provide the basic information of the output device: name, name, name, barcode, etc. This will help better identify and compute devices and avoid mistakes.

3.Easy to use screws are easy to open and use. The use of the same product does not affect the seal of other equipment.

4. The light. The packaging is weak and meets the actual operational needs. Bladder LIDS are flexible and cushioned because they save a lot of space during packing and reduce the cost of packing, so no mattresses are needed.


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