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The parts of the aluminum-plastic blister packing machine

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The parts of the aluminum-plastic blister packing machine

In pharmaceutical production, aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine has a variety of forms, complete packaging operation method also has the difference, but their composition and its components have the same function, mainly from paper, heater, molding department, packing department, the department of heat sealing, pinch device, printing device, cutting department, transmission system, the body and air pressure, cooling and electric control, variable frequency speed regulation system.

(1) Release section. Plastic film and aluminum foil coils are fixed on the equipment, which is equipped with pressing, braking and axial position adjustment devices, and some are also installed with cursor tracking devices.

(2) Heater. The heater uses electric heating to soften the plastic film for molding.

(3) molding part. It is composed of forming plate, connecting valve plate, vacuum compressed air system, cooling water system, etc., the plastic film material which is heated into plastic is blown into a smooth bubble cap of specified shape through the shaper.

(4) Filling part. The feeder fills tablets, capsules and so on into the formed blister.

(5) heat sealing part. It is composed of electric heating system, air pressure control and mechanical tension device to seal the aluminum foil and bubble cover plastic film.

(6) Pinch device. Complete the forward delivery of packaging materials.

(7) Printing device. Print out the batch number and press out the tear line on the packaged plate.

(8) Blanking Department. It is composed of main body, crankshaft, connecting rod, guide pillar, concave and convex die, back (pressure) material plate and frequency conversion speed regulation system. It is to punch and cut the heat-sealed aluminum-plastic bubble cap film into plates of specified size to complete the last procedure of packaging machine. Due to the function of frequency control system, punching times can be set according to the length of stroke and other factors.

(9) Body. It is used to support and fix various parts and systems. It is composed of shell, mounting panel and welding base.


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