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The performance of blister packaging machine

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The performance of blister packaging machine

1. The whole machine can be divided and packed into 1.5m elevator and divided purification workshop. Screws are used for consolidation and assembly is simple.

2. The mold adopts keyway positioning and pressing plate clamping.

3. With the photoelectric compensation mechanism, the printed aluminum foil can be graphic version.

4. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: the blanking frequency can be from 20 to 40 times/min. The corresponding blanking frequency can be set according to the stroke length and the feeding difficulty of the filling material and other factors.

5. Manipulator clamping feeding mechanism, stable operation, accurate synchronization, arbitrary adjustment of travel within the established range, that is, the plate size can be designed at will within the range.

6. The forming heating plate automatically closes and opens, which can be started up delayed after the heating plate is put down, limiting the plastic waste within one version. The contact heating system reduces the heating power and temperature, saves energy and enhances the stability of the plastic sheet.

7. Air cushion heat sealing: when the machine stops, the air cylinder will automatically raise the reticulum plate. The bubble cover deformation caused by thermal radiation during the stay is eliminated, which facilitates the cleaning of the reticulum plate, and plays a buffering role of overpressure, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the machine.

8. Upper and lower reticulation with male and female heat sealing: that is, both sides are dotted reticulation (can also be used for line sealing), due to the same pressure, so that the plate more flat, and improve the sealing performance.

9. Double feeder: improve the filling rate of special-shaped sheet and due to high-speed operation (suitable for aluminum-plastic packaging).

10. Automatic alarm and stop when PVC is used up, and emergency stop safety device is equipped to improve the safety of operators in debugging and film changing.

11. All drug-contact parts, including secondary feeding hopper, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, meeting the requirements of "GMP".


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