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The performance of the tablet press

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The performance of the tablet press

The granule powder can be pressed out according to the requirements of various tablet shapes. It is suitable for test or small amount production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, profile-shaped tablets, etc. Continuous pressing, primary pressing, filling depth, thickness can be adjusted. The high-speed spinning machine has the characteristics of high performance, high pressure, continuous precompression adjustment, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, reliable operation, wide range of material selection, low operation cost and good performance ratio. In addition, this kind of machine has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight.

Adjust the handle to the highest position and observe whether the die on the bottom punch is flush with the middle die. If not flush, adjust a butterfly screw. It has the function of starting and stopping point and speed regulation. It can be connected automatically and reliably with screening, vacuum, testing, conveying, roller and other equipment on the production line to realize synchronous production. At the same time, external devices adopt different monitoring methods, providing a high level of security and reliability. Burrs, flaps and powder tablets can be removed by an online detector.

A two - way multi - machine rotary tablet press began to develop. At the same time, the pressure of the press is uniform, so that the air in the drug particles has enough time to escape from the mold hole, improve the density uniformity of the press, reduce the cutting phenomenon. In addition, the rotary press has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, accurate weight and so on. All kinds of impeller can meet the requirements of different materials, to ensure the feeding accuracy.

The vacuum monitoring function is to use the flow meter to check the vacuum pressure at the designated position in the vacuum tube regularly. The set value is continuously compared with the measured value. If the detector does not detect the suction pressure (no flow) in the suction pipe within 10 seconds, the press will issue a fault alarm and stop working. This feature ensures maximum production reliability and allows continuous dust removal during tablet production. The contact technology for all drugs is a new process for controlled production. The mechanism is equipped with 360-degree no dead Angle. The lower guide rail and rotating handle are equipped with special equipment for easy operation, disassembly and cleaning. Special oil-proof and dust-proof system can prevent the buffer from discharging and increase the buffer structure. PLC and man - machine interface control, easy to operate.


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