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The powder of the tablet press

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The powder of the tablet press

Common fillers include starch, sugar, cellulose and inorganic salts; Under pressure tablet diameter of 6 mm, it is usually difficult to exceed 100 mg. If the primary medication is under several milligrams or several tens of milligrams, without the added component, the thinner is not under tablet formation. Therefore, the pressure pill is under pressure.

Starch: Compared to corn starch, its environment is very stable, most drugs don't work, its price is low, its humidity is low, and its color is small. In real life, starch can be pressed very low, often mixed with other powder molding.

Powdered sugar is asparagus sucrose crystal powder without cold after drying, crushing white powder has the advantages of medicine can increase the hardness of coking coal have been trunk and the steps of the tablet surface gloss z handsome, defect is good water imbibition, long-term preservation, excessive hardness and disintegration, opium and dissolves cleaning mouth medicine and difficulties, pills, is generally not used alone.

Mixture: Mixture (C6H10O5) N XH2O, its chemical formula (C6H10O5) contains about 80% water soluble solution, relatively slow, soluble in hydrothermal solution, insoluble in ethanol. This is also known as high quality (high viscosity), incorrect use of viscosity, salt and watermarks may be found on the side, material breakage and dissolution. Similarly, if the extraction is not broken down sufficiently when defined, it may affect the correctness and replication of the results, and is therefore rarely used in large quantities as encapsulation, usually in combination with sugar and starch.

Lactose: Lactose is an excellent lactose filler derived from cow milk widely used abroad, but is rarely used in China due to its high price. Typically, crystalline lactose (alpha humidity lactose) containing water molecules cannot be absorbed, held, stabilized, and, unlike most drugs, it is smooth. Lactose is a noncrystalline lactose extracted from spray drying. It is a fluid, compact lactose that can be pressed directly with powder.


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