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The principle of the tablet press

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The principle of the tablet press

Dose control. Different tablets require different dosages. For large dosage adjustment, different punching diameters are selected, such as 5mm, 8mm, 11mm and 12mm. After the mold size is determined, a very small dose can be adjusted by adjusting the depth of the hole, extending the hole to the hollow, changing the length of the middle hole on the back of the cover, and adjusting the charge amount. Therefore, there must be a mechanism in the press to adjust the original position of the pressure hole so that it is crushed under modulation to meet the requirements of the dosing. However, this arrangement system is critical because different powder samples are different.

The way substances move can also make a big difference in controlling doses, such as when drug particles are driven by confidence and fall into tuberculosis during the weak process. When stress enters an environment multiple times, more drugs are added, making the environment more compact.


Control tablet thickness and pill compactness. The dosage is determined by prescription and dictionary and cannot be changed. To set time limits for transport, protection and calculation, it also requires an hour of pressure for a given dose and affects the actual thickness and appearance of the tablet. The pressure setting for squeezing an object is very important. This is achieved by measuring the number of adjusting die holes at the bottom. In this process, some compressors not only produce an upward impact, but also a kind of intervention behavior. But most of the rules are enforced by mechanisms that control the flow of clothing up and down and pressure control.

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