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The problem of blister packaging machine blanking

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The problem of blister packaging machine blanking

The equipment provides universal disk brush blanker and disk vibration track blanker. The disk blanker is simple to use and has no big problems basically. If the blanking is too much or too little, it may be because the sensitivity of the blanking proximity sensor is not accurate. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. If the blanking rate is not high, the speed of the plate brush can be changed.

Disc feeder accurate adjustment place more so, the first installation disc feeder disk to keep parallel with equipment platform, second, after forming blister alignment cutting board, platform and blanking plate is perpendicular to the equipment, and higher than 2 mm to 3 mm, the third through the alignment of the blanking plate to adjust the disc hole and blanking plate leakage hole alignment, then tighten the disc vibrator and disc.

Multiple grains or skipping grains appear in blanking. This kind of circumstance is blanking plate bottom block slice height adjustment to solve, if catch up can appear more grain, low will card medicine caused jump, jump PvC sports fibrillation can also cause grain, at this time should be before blanking plate clamp pressure is not enough, add a bit of pressure appropriately, but not too big, otherwise it will cause sealing pressure bubble. Furthermore, the servo driver parameter P5 1:20 of the forming stepping is changed to be between 200-300 (this parameter is the acceleration time of the servo motor, the longer the time is, the slower the acceleration will be, the smaller the impact will be). Then, the sealed bubble cover plate is moved forward by one plate distance, and the soft swing rod of the forming servo is allowed to fall slowly.

If the room temperature is too low, this kind of situation will occur. If it is not caused by the temperature, the frequency of the vibrator can be adjusted.

Disc and blanking plate spacing between 3-5 mm, blanking plate and platform spacing between 2-3 mm, otherwise will cause noise increase and blanking not smooth.

Automatic blanking control is also achieved by approaching the sensor. When the sensor is not sensitive, the sensor can be wiped appropriately and the sensitivity can be adjusted.


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