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The problem of empty capsule filling machine

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The problem of empty capsule filling machine

The main reasons for the occurrence of empty capsules in the production process may include: small capsules in the capsule shell, abnormal waste removal of the capsule filling machine, failure of the particle sensor, etc.

There are small capsules in the capsule shell of the filling machine, and the scavenging function of the capsule filling machine cannot be eliminated. In order to ensure that the empty capsules do not enter the next process, the polishing machine can also be used to remove the empty capsules.

Abnormal filling machines with abnormal function points, improper space between the waste suction nozzle and modules, and leakage of the suction line connecting the line may lead to abnormal results, as long as confirmed before production.

Sensor failure cannot timely prevent dust recording in the distribution of the measuring plate, resulting in the lack of powder in the mold hole measuring plate and the production of empty sac. During the production process, the recording material should be observed at any time to confirm the measurement, and any abnormal must be immediately repaired.

Chinese medicine Angle hard capsule filling process can solve many common problems, equipment, technology, and the Angle of production, can also be considered, but drug products are usually not allowed to change our management law specifically listed medicines, so should start thinking about first debugging equipment, improve the environment, if not effectively solve consider technology solutions, adjust the technical department to submit for approval, approval before selling a new product.


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