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The production problem of domestic tablet press

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The production problem of domestic tablet press

There is dust problem during the pressing process. The solution to the powder problem in the pressing process is discussed below.

(1) Dust source analysis. At present, the dust produced by high-speed rotary machines and household screening machines in the production process is generally extracted through the negative pressure provided by special vacuum cleaners. However, due to the insufficient technical level and sensitivity at present, the sealing effect of the equipment itself is not good, and some dust still leaks into the purification zone. In addition, particles produced during the transport of substances or tablets may be released directly from the associated joints into the purified area.

(2) Actual purification index. At present, domestic GMP purification level mainly focuses on static indicators. In this case, the powder produced during the stamping process is usually ignored. In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries or regions detected in the actual production process, dust release will directly affect the amount of dust particles in the working area. Clearly, the new numbers are more realistic. The new Version of GMP in China mainly refers to the changes of GMP in the EU. After the implementation of the new code, the detection and evaluation of pollution removal indicators should conform to international standards.

(3) Solutions. In order to reduce dust leakage in stamping process, measures should be taken to improve the protection level of equipment. The pharmaceutical company puts forward specific sealing and isolation requirements for equipment suppliers, and the proposed isolation measures are appropriately evaluated.

Secondly, although the national pharmaceutical equipment has made great progress, some models have replaced the import, there is a certain amount of export, but there is still a gap in general. High-speed rotary tablet press and other highly automated equipment play an important role in tablet production, which largely determines the quality of tablets. This is why many pharmaceutical companies have specific requirements for the various functions of these optoelectromechanical devices and the design of each system, and this is an opportunity to help us close the consciousness gap. For tablet quality, it is still the key indexes to evaluate tablet strength, disintegration, dissolution and weight difference. But surface defects are more and more common in pharmaceutical and tablet factories. In our opinion, the reduction or prevention of such surface defects must be considered in terms of materials and equipment.


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