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The production technology of Traditional Chinese medicine capsule

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The production technology of Traditional Chinese medicine capsule

Generally speaking, there are some common problems in Chinese herbal medicine capsules, such as limited quantity of medicine, hygroscopic of filling material, and irregular granules.

Taking traditional Chinese medicine capsule usually too much capsule, especially some compound capsules containing more supplements. The overdosage of capsule tablets is mainly related to the high solid yield of raw materials, the large amount of excipients and the defects of various traditional Chinese medicine granulation methods.

The yield of solid is too high, and the technical means and methods that are often used at present, such as static precipitation, precipitation method, alcohol and water filtration technology and method clarification and high-speed centrifugal filtration method, can reduce impurities, extract relevant raw materials and reduce the amount of leaching. However, from the perspective of extraction technology, it is difficult to reduce the number of capsules, because it is difficult to achieve a temporary breakthrough in the material basis research of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, especially composite preparations.

The application of excipients plays an important role in the development and application of modern preparations. At present, the traditional Chinese medicine extract is still crude extract, large amount, many excipients, so the dosage is large, a bag of gelatin take tablets. In addition, the existing granulation technology has more or less problems, the prepared particles may not be able to achieve the purpose of reducing the number of particles or the capsule model.

Water - absorbing bond is due to the complex content, composition and shape of the capsule packing. In most cases, particles often appear in the storage process of water absorption, adhesion or moldy phenomenon, which is one of the important factors affecting the quality and efficacy of drugs. At present, this situation is usually through the use of packaging materials to improve, the most common solution is in the use of a waterproof aluminum plastic bag in the board.

The contents of traditional Chinese medicine capsules are usually granular. However, due to the existing problems in granulation technology, the particle size is not uniform and the appearance is not round. Due to small particle density and large specific surface area, its hygroscopic ability cannot be improved effectively. This is one of the reasons why the contents of the capsules are adsorbed and stick, and also makes particle coating technology more difficult to implement and separate.


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