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The purpose of granulating tablets

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The purpose of granulating tablets

At present, the production technology of pressing includes post-granulating and direct pressing. The production technology of granule tablets can be divided into wet tablets and dry tablets, and direct tablets can be divided into powder tablets and crystalline tablets. But now with wet grain preparation in the majority.

Purpose of granulation:

(1) The fluidity of fine powder does not flow evenly into the mold hole, which affects the accuracy of the tablet weight. When particles are formed, they can overcome the difficulty of being pressed into thin sheets due to a lack of fluidity.

(2) A certain amount of air in the powder forms tablets under pressure. Part of the air in the powder can not escape in time, is pressed into thin tablets; When decompressed, the air inside the tablet expands, causing it to crack. At the same time, the powder in the press pressure is very high, will cause mechanical damage. The pressure after granulation is less than that of powder tablet. Due to the irregular surface of the particles, the intercalation effect can overcome the quality problem of the tablets' cracking.

(3) The weight of powder mixed with different raw materials varies greatly, forming a summary in the stamping process. As a result of the impact of the press vibration, the weight of the composition, sugar tablet composition is inconsistent, the content is not uniform.

(4) Solve the quality problems such as easy adhesion of powder, and avoid the small powder spatter when the powder is directly pressed.

For these reasons, powder materials are usually pressed after granulation, except that some types of crystalline materials can be pressed directly into thin sheets.


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