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The rationality of bubble cover packaging machine

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The rationality of bubble cover packaging machine

The evaluation of bubble cover packaging machine price and benefit is reasonable, should be considered from the following aspects

(1) Technical performance, including production speed, finished product quantity, quality, yield, consumption of raw materials, power, degree of automation, safety and environmental protection.

(2) Applicability: whether the complete equipment of the whole machine is complete, whether the interface device with expansion function is reserved, whether it has the same technical performance for multiple varieties and specifications, whether it is convenient to operate and replace the mold in use, how to meet the requirements of applicable environmental conditions, and how to adapt to the original and auxiliary materials.

(3) the reliability of equipment is prone to failure in the process of work, whether at work requires constant adjustment, whether to remain unchanged for a long time continuously, the technical performance of the machine operator level in the power, voltage, environment changes in the conditions, whether the machine still can maintain its original technical performance, its long service life.

(4) maintainability, whether the maintenance of equipment is convenient, the size of the maintenance workload, the requirements for the technical level of maintenance personnel, the interchangeability of the equipment itself, whether to choose standard components.

(5) Delivery time, including payment method, transportation method and delivery time.

(6) Shall the seller or the buyer be responsible for the training and commissioning?

(7) After-sales technical service and supply of spare parts.


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