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The regulating system of the tablet press

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The regulating system of the tablet press

Regulating system includes pressure regulating system and filling regulating system:

(1) Adjustment failure: The adjustment failure is usually due to the loosening of the screw on the handle, which makes the handwheel supervision efficiency low, or the reason that the adjusting wheel gets stuck. Now we need to check the adjusting handwheel and adjusting screw, which can be solved by fixing screws, rotating bolts and other lubrication measures.

(2) The main reasons for the unstable filling are: uneven granulation or poor material mobility, insufficient adjustment of hopper height, insufficient grille filling behind the feeder; The precharged rail of the charging rail group is seriously worn and has a jump change, so the charging rail group must be replaced at this time. The derrick of the complement group is badly worn, which causes the gap of the complement group to be large. In this case, the filled track group must be replaced; The lower part of the beam is badly worn, resulting in the uneven distance between the lower part of the beam and the turntable; Powder wear is serious, scratch effect is not good, should be replaced at this time; The suction effect of flushing down is poor, resulting in blocking punch.

(3) Bulk sheets or poor appearance quality: bulk sheets or poor appearance quality is mainly caused by low pressure, uneven particle size, low moisture content or material composition that is not easy to be pressed. The solution is to adjust the flywheel pressure, increase the pressure, and adjust the composition of the particles and auxiliary materials. In case the particles are too dry, 75% ethanol can be sprayed.

(4) High vibration and noise of the press: in the working process of the press, the noise system of the press is large due to the uneven pressure on both sides, so the problem can be solved by adjusting the pressure.


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