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The role of a single stamping machine

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The role of a single stamping machine

Single stamping machine presses all kinds of powder particles into flake, suitable for laboratory experiment production or a small amount of production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, heterogeneous tablets. This is a small (manual) electric continuous press with one set of stamping dies, adjustable filling depth and thickness. We can supply all kinds of moulds according to customer's requirement.

The simple tablet press is suitable for chewing tablets, traditional Chinese medicine tablets, foaming agent, button battery, western medicine, electronic components, calcium tablets, chemical fertilizer tablets, oral liquid, mothballs (ball), milk tablets, candy, special-shape tablets, disinfection tablets, aromatic essence tablets, catalysts, pesticides tablets, ceramic powder, etc.


The machine can press granular raw materials into sheets, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory testing, small batch production, etc.. Good performance, strong adaptability, easy to use, easy to maintain, small size, light weight, deep compression filling materials, adjustable thickness, adapt to the western pharmaceutical industry and other similar products, the industry users are very popular.

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