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The role of bubble cover packaging machine

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The role of bubble cover packaging machine

Blister packaging The original blister packaging was mainly used for drug packaging. At that time, in order to overcome the disadvantages of inconvenient use of glass bottles, plastic bottles and other bottled drugs, large investment in packaging production line, and the need for dose packaging, small pill packaging is increasing, so in the 1950s, bubble packaging appeared and has been widely used. Later, through in-depth research and continuous improvement of blister packaging materials, technology and machinery, great progress has been made in packaging quality, speed and economy. Nowadays, in addition to drug tablets, colloidal and suppository packaging, it is also widely used in the packaging of food and daily necessities. If the use of automatic packaging machine, but also improve production efficiency, reduce costs.

A blister package for a drug, which can protect the product from moisture, dust, pollution, theft and damage, prolong the storage life of the commodity, and the package is transparent, with instructions printed on the substrate, which can provide convenience for consumers. For example, drugs packaged in blister packs are often packaged in daily doses on a substrate if the blister is pressed back. Drugs can be directly into the □, free of pollution. In foreign countries, it is called PTP (PressThrough Pack) packaging, which is translated into PressThrough packaging in China. Because when taking, the blister is pressed by hand, the drug can be removed through the substrate film. Blister packaging, but also the substrate into suspension, hanging on the shelf, easy to sell. Some small goods such as ballpoint pens, knives, cosmetics and so on if the use of blister packaging underlining together, in the optional shopping mall is not easy to be stolen, and play a role in beautification and propaganda.

Blister packaging process. There are large and small bubble bubble holes in blister packaging, and the shape varies with the shape of the packaged goods. Some with or without a substrate. And bubble cover packaging machine types are also more. Nevertheless, the basic principle of blister packaging is roughly the same, and its typical process is: sheet heating → film forming → filling products → substrate placement → heat sealing → trimming to complete the above process can be operated by blister packaging machine.


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