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The role of small single stamping machine

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The role of small single stamping machine

Applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, suitable for all kinds of granular raw materials pressed into sheet products, especially suitable for laboratory, hospital and small batch production. Is a small continuous electric table press, when there is no electricity can be manual press, can press all kinds of granular, crystalline or flowing powder raw materials into flake, cylinder, ball, convex, concentric circle. It is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies, universities, security products, food, agriculture, chemical industry, electronic battery, ceramic metallurgy and other industries, and can also suppress the products with characters, trademarks, patterns. The machine has only one mold, which can adjust the filling depth and stamping thickness of the material, that is, the weight, thickness and hardness of the product. Just change different mold, you can press down different products.

Used for:

Medicine: Traditional Chinese medicine tablets, Western medicine tablets, nutrition tablets, tablets, pills

Food: candy slice, coffee slice, chocolate bean, flavor slice, glucose slice

Health products: calcium tablets, chewing gum tablets, propolis tablets, spirulina tablets, effervescent tablets

Agriculture: feed block, fertilizer block, animal feed

Electronic batteries: thermistors, integrated circuit components, button batteries

Chemical products: catalyst, disinfectant, mosquito repellent, camphor ball, powder cake, dyeing granules

Plastic ceramic metallurgy: catalytic particles, glass particles, ceramic particles, metallurgical particles, plastic particles


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