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The role of the tablet press

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The role of the tablet press

The tablet press is mainly used in the research of tablet pressing technology in pharmaceutical industry. Automatic continuous film making equipment for forming round, special-shaped, character, symbol and graphic flaps of powder particles etc.

Tablet press plays an important role in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and its main equipment affects most of the quality and economic indicators (pass rate, etc.). As is known to all, at present, China's tablet press is mainly single - chip and multi - punch two categories.

The plate-pressing machine mainly moves up and down by rotating the grinding wheel to press the powder particles in the mold hole into the mold. The main disadvantages are high impact noise (pulse unidirectional pressure) and small output, which is only suitable for small batch production and laboratory experiment production.

Multi - punch rotary tablet press is one of the most widely used tablet presses in production. The pressure of the handle is measured by the PLC pressure sensor and monitored and analyzed by the central control unit of the control unit. According to the preset control mode to adjust the filling depth of the tablet pressing machine, the platemaking of the tablet pressing machine can be automatically controlled.

At the same time, monitoring mold damage protects and protects the scattered supply, greatly increasing the speed of drugs, reducing production costs, and allowing one person to manage multiple machines. The system is simple to operate, easy to maintain, stable and reliable, high control precision.


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