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The rotating structure of the tablet press

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The rotating structure of the tablet press

Rotary press can be used as a brush, carbon sheet and contact press machinery.

The power part mainly consists of the transmission part and the working part. The working part consists of a table rotating about an axis. The table is divided into three levels. The upper part of the platform is provided with an upper handle, the middle part with a lower handle, and the lower part with a lower handle; Other fixed upper and lower pressure wheel, blade weight regulator, blade weight regulator, feeder, scraper, tablet regulator, vacuum cleaner, protector, etc. The machine is mounted on the central axis of the machine and rotates around the axis. The upper part of the machine moves up and down regularly on a fixed track. The underthrust will also be pressurized as the machine rotates, moving up and down on the underthrust track. The upper and lower wheels should be fitted in such a way that the upper and lower wheels push down, and the upper and lower wheels move up and apply pressure as they turn and pass through their respective wheels.

There is a powder scraper in the center of the machine. The outlet of the feeding port is fixed on the scraper. The material can continuously flow into the scraper and then into the mold hole. The pressure regulator is used to adjust the height of the low pressure wheel. When the pressure is compressed, the higher the position of the low pressure wheel, the shorter the distance between the high pressure and the low pressure, the greater the pressure, on the contrary, the lower the pressure. Blade weight adjuster is installed on the unloading track. The volume of die hole is adjusted by scraper, and the unloading height is adjusted.


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